“Description and First Steps Toward the Empirical Validation of the Plan Formulation Method for Couples” di Martina Rodomonti et al.

The aim of this paper is to empirically assess the reliability of the plan formulation method for couples, a procedure for
formulating the case, planning, and monitoring the couple therapies according to control-mastery theory. We hypothesized
that when couples are looking for couple therapy, they have an unconscious couple’s plan for the therapy, which includes
the couple’s goals; the pathogenic beliefs that the partners want to disprove; the traumas from which these beliefs originated
and that the partners want to master; the vicious relational circles that make the couple sufer and that the couple wants to
break; the virtuous relational circles that are expressions of the couple’s resources and that the couple wants to fuel; and the
relational insights that may help the couple get better.

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